Case Study

On Call Alarm

Location: Western Canada
Industry: Security Systems Services

Leadership from True North Represented the Shareholders of On Call Alarms Systems on Their Sale to a Strategic Firm

A prominent player in the realm of security solutions, On Call Alarms Systems has solidified its position as a trusted provider of cutting-edge alarm systems and surveillance technology. With a rich history, the company has earned distinction and a notable reputation in its province, catering to the security needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Having garnered a loyal clientele, the company prides itself on its commitment to safeguarding its customers against various safety threats, including fire, intrusion, and other emergencies. With a fully staffed operation and round-the-clock customer service, the company ensures prompt and responsive assistance to its clients’ security concerns.

  • Sold 20%+ above valuation
  • 90% cash on close
  • Minimal transition period

Recognizing the immense potential within the security solutions market, a firm operating in a similar industry saw an opportunity for strategic collaboration and growth. This strategic move positions the combined entity to capitalize on synergies and leverage their collective expertise to offer enhanced security solutions, thereby further solidifying their position as industry leaders in Western Canada and beyond.