Case Study

Leading Canadian Flooring Company

Location: Canada
Industry: Construction Service and Supply

True North M&A Successfully Advised the Shareholder of a leading Canadian flooring company on their Sale to a Strategic Buyer

One of Canada’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of specialty flooring.

Founded over a decade ago, this leading supplier of specialized flooring products in Canada has built a first class reputation and their products and services can be used across high traffic areas in all types of commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, and recreational settings.

  • 8 offers submitted
  • Seller retained equity to capitalize on the continued growth and opportunity in their marketplace
  • Partnered with strategic buyer in the industry to capitalize on synergies and growth opportunities

True North captured the attention of this specialty flooring company by presenting their proprietary sales process, and compelling industry knowledge. After learning more about the company’s business model and objectives, True North was confident that they were the right partner to take the business to market and produce an optimal exit for the shareholder.

While a certified business valuation was being completed, True North created a thorough CIM to illustrate the exceptional performance and recent growth of the company. The business was then confidentially marketed to True North’s multinational network, targeting strategic buyers, Private Equity firms, as well as individual investors.

Once the final introductory meetings were complete, 8 Letters of Intent were submitted and True North advised on the various offers, and highlighted the most beneficial terms to the shareholders according to their business objectives. Several parties were chosen to proceed to the next round of negotiations, and True North further improved the final offers until a final buyer was chosen.

True North thanks the shareholders of this flooring company for their trust and commitment during the sales process, and successful closing.


*** To maintain confidentiality, the name of the business, and exact product/industry details have not been mentioned, however we are happy to provide further details as the Owner is happy to talk with prospective True North clients.