Case Study

Intrinsi Physiotherapy Clinic

Location: Calgary, AB
Industry: Medical Clinic

True North M&A Successfully Advised the Shareholders of Intrinsi Physiotherapy Clinic on their Sale to Strategic Partner

Intrinsi provides physiotherapy, chiropractics, osteopathy, massage therapy, pelvic health therapy, clinical pilates, acupuncture and more in the Calgary area. They offer a revolutionary process to care, which centers focus on the individual, and recommend treatment plans that flow through their different clinicians.

  • True North acted quickly to produce a captivating CIM, while simultaneously vetting an internal buyer to ensure the best result for Intrinsi
  • Transaction was completed within 3 months
  • Closed at full asking price, and a quick transition period

Intrinsi was keen to sell their clinic, and had advice from both their accountant and lawyer that they should engage an M&A firm in order to maximize their return, and sell their business at the highest price.

After meeting with several M&A advisors, Intrinsi felt that True North had the expertise, network, and sales process that put them above their competition. Once Intrinsi and True North started working together, a comprehensive CIM was created and a target list was composed, reaching out to potential PE firms, strategic buyers, and like minded entrepreneurs. Intrinsi wanted the sale to be public, as the local medical community had many prospective buyers and Intrinsi was certain that revenue would not be affected by the news.

As True North began conversations with potential outside buyers, a practitioner from the clinic also expressed interest in the purchase. Although the sellers knew the practitioner, True North wanted to provide a fair and open market sales strategy to ensure the best deal was secured for Intrinsi.

After a thorough market outreach and 3rd party business valuation True North advised Intrinisi on the sale of their clinic to the internal practitioner. It was a great success for both buyer and seller, and Intrinsi closed for a very competitive multiple.

Thank you to Intrinsi for their trust in True North on the successful sale of their business.


Deciding to sell our business was hard. Selling it was harder … We got connected with True North and it felt like a relief to meet a team who would ‘hold our hands’ through the process of selling – and more than that – take care of negotiations, and put together a fantastic CIM and valuation for our business.

L. Paget

Former Medical Clinic Owner