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You didn’t start your company so you could work 80+ hour weeks and feel like you couldn’t step away. You likely started your company because you wanted more.


In his book Built to Sell, author John Warrillow says business owners find it difficult to step out of their business because it relies on their involvement.

The good news?

You can change your business by taking three specific steps to create a valuable—and SELLABLE—company.

Learn exactly what steps you need to take to run your company rather than letting it run you.

Your Exit Team

At True North Mergers and Acquisitions, we pride ourselves on our methodical preparation and strategy, all while in collaboration with our clients, as we manage each deal from start to finish. The preparation and process is what drives our exceptional results.

To help you optimize your exit with the best possible arrangement, we want to give you a free gift.

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A free, no obligation “Hour of Exit-Consideration Consultation”

Selling your business is a big decision but it can be easier with an exit strategy. If you’re in the “exit consideration” phase let’s chat. We’ll explain what goes into selling a business and things to consider along the way.

A free “Opinion of Value” for your business

If you’re thinking of selling your business, having a valuation done by an experienced professional will give you a figure based on data and a reasonable expectation of what you can get from a sale.​

A free copy of the book Built to Sell

Author John Warrillow says while most entrepreneurs build businesses that rely too heavily on them, it can be remedied by following three key steps. This book will teach you how to run your company rather than having it run you.


I can genuinely say that True North exceeded my expectations and I know that my clients’ expectations were exceeded as well. What impressed me about them is their ‘hands on’ approach, responsiveness and high level of integrity…. I have no hesitation in recommending True North as a quality M&A Firm who will get the job done!


Peter J.F. Ferrari

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer
Vancouver B.C.