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Selling your business is one of the most important transactions of your life! And it’s important that you trust the people who are working for you and helping you to optimize your exit.

Our Core Values


We empathize and understand that selling your business is an extremely difficult process. Serving you well is what motivates us. We’re passionate about bringing value, not just to your business, but to you personally.


Our relationships are founded on integrity. We practice full transparency and honesty with each one of our clients. We realize trust is of the utmost importance in what we do.


With a combined 40+ years of experience, we have overseen numerous transactions across a wide-range of industries. Experience means knowing how to sell a business for its highest possible value within a reasonable time period.


We only achieve results when you achieve results. We see the transaction through to the end and are only satisfied when you are happy with the sale.

Leadership Team

Don Montgomery, CBI

President, M&A advisor

Don’s deep and passionate belief that he has the opportunity to positively impact and change people’s lives by providing a great client experience is what makes True North stand out in the mergers and acquisitions industry.

Prior to founding True North M&A (formerly Column B), Don built his 25-year career around enriching the customer experience in sales and management, eventually leading to his role as President of Pentax Medical. Over the years, Don has led and participated in extensive long-term strategic planning, including numerous M&A opportunities and ventures while sitting on “the other side of the desk.”

Through his many accomplishments and years of experience, he has developed an incredible grasp on how to lead and serve his clients (business sellers and buyers). After seeking to buy a business and personally finding the M&A service marketing lacking in Canada, Don’s passion for caring for the customer merged with his entrepreneurial personality and True North Mergers & Acquisitions (TNMA) was born.

Don and True North take pride in impacting businesses through the ability to connect, listen to, gain insight from, and deliver results for clients’ individual needs. This strength for listening and understanding clients allows True North to develop creative ideas about how to increase a business’ value, even in the final months prior to a sale.

Don is an active member with the IBBA (Int’l Business Brokers Assn) and IBBA Canada, and is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) through the IBBA. He is also a Certified Value Builder with the Value Builder System™, building his knowledge of the M&A world for the betterment of his clients.

Wade Batiuk

VP Business Development, M&A Advisor

Wade’s extensive experience as a business owner and buyer, who has overseen the sale and negotiation of multiple companies, has given him a deep appreciation for why it is important to have an M&A firm act as a trusted partner.

Prior to joining True North M&A, Wade founded Neutrino Enterprises with their flagship product Sommelier, an interactive end-to-end wine menu & logistics management solution that attracted prominent clients such as Hyatt Hotels and Delta Hotels. He took the company from concept to funding, operational deployment, and exit. He has also had a successful 10+ year career within Oil & Gas where he has successfully executed global digital transformation and performance improvement initiatives.

Through his many accomplishments and years of experience, he has developed significant experience in: deal structuring and navigating all parties to ensure the deal structure is satisfactory for both buyers, sellers, and debt lenders; financial fundraising for buyers; debt-servicing; cash-flow analysis; risk analysis and mitigation; long-term strategic planning and value enhancement; and analyzing business value drivers.

Wade received his Executive Education at Harvard Business School, holding certificates in: Disruptive Innovation, and Leading with Finance (honours). He received his bachelor of Digital Enterprise Management (honours) from the University of Toronto, and a certificate in Digital Communications from Sheridan College. Wade was also the winner of the 2007 University of Toronto Business Plan Competition, and has been featured in Notable Magazine’s October 2011 issue of “Canadian Entrepreneurs to watch for.”

Client Services

Rob Julien , BCA

M&A Advisor, business valuator

With a background in small business and entrepreneurship, having sold his own business (without the help of a broker – a mistake, he admits!), and now being certified to do business valuations, Rob brings a thorough understanding of all aspects of the process of selling your business.

From understanding what drives value in a business (both up and down), to the emotional aspect of going through the entire process (from preparation, to negotiations, through to a successful close), Rob finds great satisfaction in helping True North clients divest and realize the fruits of their labour.

Having been through it all himself, and now having helped business owners do the same for years, Rob understands it can be a very intimate, sensitive process, that often requires the utmost confidentiality. He also understands that if you intend to maximize the return you get for your business, you need to seek help from people you can trust.

Like the rest of the team at True North, Rob’s favourite part of the whole process is celebrating with you – the successful sale of your business to a buyer, and at a price, that you’re happy with. It’s what we do well, and it’s what we’d appreciate the opportunity to do for you as well.


I worked with the True North M&A team in 2019 on a challenging transaction… Their focus, tenacity and practical advice throughout the process were instrumental in keeping the transaction alive, and ultimately getting to a satisfactory closing for our mutual clients.


Peter M.

Lawyer, Farris LLP, Kelowna B.C.

Their Advisor remained calm, always believed in and sought acceptable common ground to all stakeholders and managed to resurrect what seemed to be a collapsed transaction on a number of occasions… a big factor in the overall success was Don's (and True North's) efforts and leadership.


Hani Sbaiti

Professional Business Banker/Lender

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